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1'000'000 Rupees: Licence to Kill

 Ram arrives in Mumbai after he was in Delhi at the Taylor’s. He decides that he doesn’t want to search for Salim, because he doesn’t want to involve him in his plan about the participation in the quiz show. But then one day they bump into each other. They haven’t seen each other for many years and because of that, they have to explain many things. Salim is now in a school for actors and he tells Ram how he could come so far. 
When Ram went to Delhi, Salim was alone in the chawl and he still worked as a dabbawalla. But one day he decided to become an actor, which was always his dream. He had to take some pictures of himself and while he was taking them, he almost bumped into Mr Babu Pillai (“Maman”). Because of him, he ran away and caught the next bus. This brought him to the next tragedy, when the bus was captured by violent Hindus, but also to Ahmed Khan who saved Salim’s life with a gun. Salim worked at Ahmed’s after this incident and soon he experienced that Ahmed had a licence to kill! When Salim experienced that Ahmed should kill Abbas Rizvi, who is a producer, Salim ran to Abbas and told him that he should hide himself. Abbas followed his advice and went out of the city, but before, he told Salim, that Salim could act in his next movie and that he’d pay for the education as an actor for him.
Shortly after Mr Babu Pillai got killed by Ahmed Khan, because Salim chanced the picture and the address data of Abbas Rizvi into the data of Mr Babu Pillai before he left Ahmed’s house. Salim acted like a genius.
On the narrative level with Smita, she is delighted by how smart Salim acted. They then continue watching the taped show.
The question in the show was ‘How many Test centuries has India’s greatest batsman Sachin Malvankar scored?’ Ram knew the answer, because Salim told him also about Ahmed, that he was an enthusiastic fan of cricket and Ahmed knew everything about this sport.
Prem Kumar didn’t laugh at all when he realized that Ram knew the answer. He just said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we will now take a short commercial break’.

In this chapter, Licence to Kill, Ram talks about meeting his best friend Salim after five years. First he didn’t really want to see him. But then, when they both sat down on a bench watching little kids playing football, they realized how much they missed each other and started talking about the time when they didn’t saw each other. Salim talked about his past in which very much happened. He followed his dream to become an artist. He asked Mukesh Rawal if he could get a part in a film and he replied that he had to take some professional pictures and show them to him. Then he would become a junior artist. Junior artists play in the film a role for a few seconds and are only on the screen for about three seconds. But that’s a good beginning for him. When Salim has taken these pictures, he got caught by a mob. The mob was going to burn him in a bus in which he was. But fortunately there was a man named Ahmed who threatened the criminals with a gun. So they could escape and Ahmed took Salim to his home. From now on, Salim cleaned the house of Ahmed and looked after it, when Ahmed wasn’t in the house. Ahmed was a man who bet on Indian cricket games and always won. After a while, Salim noticed, that strange things were happening. Things such as Ahmed receiving yellow letters which contained the information about a person and then a few weeks later, it was announced on the criminal news, that this person had been murdered. Salim found out that Ahmed was the man who killed these persons and once he saw that Ahmed had to kill Abbas Rizvi, who was a producer who had promised to Salim that he would make a star out of Salim. So Salim changed the photo with a photo of Mr Babu Pillai, alias Maman. Maman was the man who almost blinded the two boys. Then Salim got out of the house and didn’t come back. A few months later, Salim heard that Ahmed was killed by the police in a shoot-out. 
Then, there is the change to the studio, where Prem Kumar asked the last question: “How many test centuries has India’s greatest batsman Sachin Malvankar scored?” Ram’s choices were a) 34, b) 35, c) 36 or d) 37. He answered c) 36 and won a million rupees.

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